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Gutpsych.com focuses on the science of gut psychology and promoting a healthy lifestyle of products and information.

Gut psychology is the study of mind and behavior, combining all aspects of unconscious and conscious experience as well as thought. An academic discipline and an applied science which pursues to understand how identifying and characterizing the microorganisms which are found in relationship with both healthy and diseased people (their microbial flora) affects individuals.

Our goal is to provide the information necessary to develop and maintain a healthy understanding of the gut and brain connection. as previously mentioned, we promote and review products that we believe support a healthy lifestyle.

There is more to psychology than just the brain. The average human brain weighs 3 pounds. The average adult carries around 2-6 pounds of microbes. Understanding how these microbes communicate with our brain is just the beginning. 

We know that many psychological disorders respond quite well to proper nutrition and repair of the gut lining. This includes depression, anxiety, bulimia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism and ADHD, to name a few. 

There are numerous potential immune mechanisms by which the microbiota could communicate with the brain. And there are endocrine mechanisms of communication as well. The vagus nerve is a communication highway. In the last few years new studies suggest that the vagus nerve is associated with a stronger immune system response. The vagus nerve wanders through the body from the base of the brain down to the gut. Recent research suggests that the vagus nerve regulates the body’s inflammation response to disease. A strong vagal profile, which you can cultivate through exercise, and recent studies suggest meditation, and other practices—if you have a strong profile, you have more positive emotion on a daily basis, stronger relationships with peers, better social support networks.