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Adventures in the Science of the Superorganism

The Human Superorganism: It is a fact that a woman was threatened by Protective Services to take the child she conceived and delivered naturally because the results of a maternity test showed that the child she gave birth to was not hers.  In December 2002, twenty-one year old Lydia Kay Fairchild received a phone call from […]

Humans as Superorganisms How Microbes, Viruses, Imprinted Genes, and Other Selfish Entities Shape Our Behavior

The gastrointestinal tract contains and estimated 500 million neurons. The gut microbiota and the brain communicate with each other affecting neural, endocrine and immune systems. Science is waking-up to find that gut microbes, viruses, imprinted genes, and other self-serving entities affect brain and behavior. “We are not unitary individuals but superorganisms, built out of both human and […]